■Wolberry Extract Powder Dramatic bodycam footage shows police rushing to hotel as gunshots ring out Fox News[2017/10/21 (Sat) 15:53]

At the start of the footage, a police officer is heard yell <a href="//www.foxnews.com/about/privacy-policy/">New Privacy</a> ing at the crowd, 窶廨o that way!窶 multiple times as he tries to direct t <a href="//www.foxnews.com/about/terms-of-use/">New Terms of Use</a> he rush of people away from the gunfire.McMahill said this officer is standing over a woman, but her condition is unclear. The vi <a href="//www.foxnews.com/about/terms-new">(What's New)</a> deo ends with officers trying to get conc


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